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Icing Cakes

Iced cakes are an excellent alternative to fresh cream. They are great for create novelty cake designs for your celebration. Browse through our Icing Cake category to see some of our designs or get in touch to create your own!Ben and Holly icing cake£50.00 - £130.00Blossom number icing cake£92.00 - £235.00Gangster mob icing cake£135.00 - £175.00Hello Kitty icing cake£30.00 - £130.00Peppa pig icing cake£64.00 - £100.00My little pony rainbow icing cake£40.00 - £95.00Teletubbies land icing cake£130.00 - £168.00Minnie head icing cake£75.00 - £210.00make up cake£130.00 - £160.00Tuxedo icing cake£55.00 - £100.00Heart spray icing number cake£92.00 - £235.00Spotted icing cake£110.00 - £190.00Castle icing cake£185.00Baby gift box icing cake£44.00 - £140.00Childrens characters icing cake£90.00 - £210.00Minion icing cake£63.00 - £112.00Pink dress and booties icing cake£85.00 - £200.00MrTumbles icing cake£50.00 - £115.00Avengers icing cake£85.00 - £140.00Peppa pig icing cake£82.00 - £165.00Superhero icing cake£100.00 - £200.00Medical icing cake£60.00 - £145.00Chocolates icing cake£87.00 - £185.00Red and gold icing cake£49.00 - £140.00Doctors coat icing cake£50.00 - £75.00Make up icing cake£49.00 - £150.00Superman logo icing cake£42.00 - £105.00Champagne Bucket icing cake £140.00 - £180.00Colourful icing cake display£257.00Tiara icing cake£135.00 - £215.00Dinosaur icing cake£50.00 - £115.00Minnie mouse icing cake£55.00 - £130.00Tigger icing cake£65.00 - £105.00Bottle icing cake£50.00 - £80.00Pooh bear icing cake£100.00 - £195.00Fire engine icing cake£65.00 - £100.00Man shape icing cake£75.00Minion icing cake£80.00Avengers icing cake£90.00 - £175.00Pooh bear icing cake£80.00 - £165.00Giraffe icing cake£145.00 - £225.00Minion icing cake£45.00 - £110.00Avengers icing cake£64.00 - £127.00Rainbow icing cake£160.00 - £240.00Bag and shoes icing cake£90.00Castle icing cake£115.00 - £139.00Baby blocks icing cake£95.00 - £128.00Cap icing cake£40.00 - £68.00Harry Potter icing cake£93.00 - £120.00Madagascar icing cake£84.00 - £128.00Bag icing cake£85.00 - £135.00Open Book icing cake£52.00 - £150.00Darth Vader icing cake£60.00 - £85.00Spiderman icing cake£65.00 - £140.00Stacked books icing cake£100.00 - £145.00Olaf icing cake£77.00 - £93.00Fireman icing cake£40.00 - £100.00Elsa doll icing cake£60.00Stork icing cake£62.00 - £130.00Spiderman icing cake£49.00 - £100.00Shark icing cake£95.00Shopping bag icing cake£55.00 - £120.00Chanel icing cake£47.00 - £135.00Shoe icing cake£80.00Open book icing cake£105.00Sesame street icing cake£140.00 - £225.00Castle icing cake£128.00 - £181.00Shoes and bag icing cake£165.00Photo icing cake£83.00 - £140.00Camera icing cake£70.00Minnie mouse icing cake£76.00 - £100.00Mickey mouse icing number cake£50.00 - £124.00Tiffany box icing cake£44.00 - £135.00Hulk face icing cake£30.00 - £107.00Ironman face icing cake£35.00 - £107.00Ruffle icing cake£85.00 - £145.00Burger meal icing cake£71.00 - £110.00In the night garden icing cake£108.00 - £195.00Frozen icing cake£60.00 - £150.00Ring box icing cake£50.00 - £80.00Bomb icing cake£75.00 - £95.00Supercar icing cake£120.00 - £150.00Princesses castle icing cake £240.00 - £290.00Fish icing cake£52.00 - £115.00Mehndi icing cake£54.00 - £140.00Graduation icing cake£80.00 - £110.00Pizza icing cake£35.00 - £140.00Pillow icing cake£54.00 - £150.00Bottle icing cake£50.00 - £95.00Minion icing cake£135.00 - £213.00Crown icing cake£50.00 - £140.00Peppa pig icing cake`£75.00 - £125.00Minnie and Mickey icing cake£200.00Train icing cake£83.00 - £138.00Star wars icing cake£57.00 - £128.00Two Tier Unicorn Icing Cake £95.00 - £115.00Man model icing cake£59.00 - £120.00Monkey icing cake£52.00 - £130.00Basket of blossoms buttercream cake£35.00 - £155.00Star spray icing cake£115.00 - £152.00Moana icing cake£92.00 - £150.00Farm animal icing cake£185.00 - £222.00Drum icing cake£57.00 - £125.00Square icing cake with blossoms£45.00 - £140.00Lion icing cake£65.00 - £80.00Rose icing number cake£95.00 - £245.00Unicorn icing cake£50.00 - £65.00Princess icing cake£92.00 - £145.00Ruffle icing cake£217.00 - £275.00Castle icing cake£300.00Mickey mouse clubhouse icing cake£120.00 - £185.00Tea Cup icing cake£87.00 - £140.00Football theme icing cake£113.00 - £130.00Chocolate shard icing cake£102.00 - £160.00Clapper board icing cake£85.00 - £105.00Crown icing cake£155.00 - £195.00Football icing cake£65.00 - £110.00Cars and Vans icing cake£95.00 - £150.00Aladdin icing cake£150.00 - £190.00Minnie mouse icing cake£90.00 - £155.00Peppa pig icing cake£175.00 - £230.00Ninja turtles face icing cake£45.00 - £95.00Batman and Robin icing cake£75.00 - £125.00Vintage icing cake£70.00 - £135.00Doll icing cake£60.00Superhero icing cake£94.00 - £110.00Black icing cake£70.00 - £155.00Biceps icing cake£58.00 - £118.00Angry birds icing cake£44.00 - £105.00Teletubbies icing cake£195.00 - £232.00IC224 Elephant icing cake£113.00 - £170.00Waybuloos icing cake£165.00 - £205.00Cars and Vans icing cake£95.00 - £150.00Ombre silhouette cake£155.00 - £200.00My Little Pony icing cake£72.00 - £125.00Bob the train icing cake£120.00 - £145.00Sofia the first icing cake£100.00 - £122.00Shopkins icing cake£100.00 - £155.00Little Mermaid icing cake£42.00 - £110.00Henry the Hoover cake£75.00 - £90.00Chocolate Tree Stump icing cake£35.00 - £75.00Paddington Suitcase icing cake£215.00Poppy the Troll icing cake£65.00 - £98.00Marvel Comic Cake£90.00 - £125.00Paw patrol number cake£50.00 - £125.00Winnie the Pooh icing cake£93.00 - £152.00Ruffle and Tiara icing cake£125.00 - £168.00Guitar icing cake£75.00 - £90.00Seated Girl two tier icing cake£72.00 - £120.00Princess icing cake£128.00 - £170.00Teletubbies icing cake£510.00Mickey mouse icing cake£69.00 - £120.00Minnie mouse icing cake£75.00 - £210.00My Little Pony icing cake£108.00 - £135.00Batman icing cake£72.00 - £155.00Suit icing cake£80.00 - £145.00Suit icing cake£140.00 - £189.00Baby TV icing cake£105.00 - £155.00Superhero icing cake£90.00 - £140.00Mr. Men closed book icing cake£45.00 - £95.00Little Miss Sunshine icing cake£47.00 - £92.00Mickey Suit icing cake£80.00 - £130.00Ruffle and Tiara icing cake£85.00 - £145.00Lollipop icing cake£115.00 - £140.00Sephora bag and make up icing cake£60.00 - £105.00Chef icing cake£62.00 - £110.00Elephant icing cake£65.00 - £106.00Animals in a car icing cake£135.00Gift box and bag icing cake£80.00 - £120.00Builders icing cake£42.00 - £67.00Easter chick icing cake£65.00 - £80.00Toy box icing cake£85.00 - £105.00Sewing Machine icing cake£73.00 - £108.00Ruffle and Tiara icing cake£135.00 - £170.00Minnie mouse icing cake£80.00 - £130.00Lion icing cake£63.00 - £114.00My little pony icing cake£78.00Heart icing cake£36.00 - £100.00Minnie number icing cake£53.00 - £117.00Photo icing cake£42.00 - £110.00Minnie mouse icing cake£85.00 - £135.00Photo icing cake£47.00 - £109.00Anna doll icing cake£60.00Photo icing cake£50.00 - £120.00IC273 Boat number icing cake£55.00 - £130.00Baby TV icing cake£72.00 - £140.00Belle doll icing cake£60.00Skateboarder icing cake£75.00Football T-shirt icing cake£45.00 - £115.00Buttercream number cake£60.00 - £150.00Open book icing cake£125.00 - £160.00Jungle icing cake£79.00 - £110.00Mermaid doll icing cake£65.00Blossom icing cake£67.00 - £120.00Football icing cake with pensioner model£57.00 - £125.00Girl Minion£105.00Spiderman icing cake£45.00 - £95.00Bow tie and Braces icing cake£63.00 - £120.00Photo icing cake £38.00 - £103.00Photo icing cake£40.00 - £105.00Pirate ship icing cake£55.00 - £88.00Moana icing cake£64.00 - £108.00DJ Console icing cake£100.00 - £170.00Baby Bump icing cake£65.00 - £120.00Mercedes icing cake£120.00 - £150.00Piped blossom icing cake£47.00 - £120.00Princess icing cake£100.00 - £125.00Tangled icing cake£82.00 - £165.00Painted cake£45.00 - £115.00Bee Cake£42.00 - £88.00Shirt icing cake£42.00 - £110.00Butterfly icing cake£45.00 - £115.00Make up and bag icing cake£100.00 - £140.00Book icing cake£60.00 - £85.00Toolbelt icing cake£75.00 - £110.00Pokemon logo icing cake£42.00 - £102.00Posy icing cake£65.00 - £145.00DC Comics icing cake£135.00 - £175.00Balloon icing cake£130.00 - £160.00Mickey and friends icing cake£188.00 - £240.00Tyre icing cake£75.00 - £100.00Power rangers icing cake£78.00 - £125.00Mickey face icing cake£58.00 - £105.00Minion icing cake£90.00Batman icing cake£67.00 - £145.00Dartboard icing cake£63.00 - £77.00Princess Peppa pig icing cake£49.00 - £98.00Rainbow drip buttercream cake£65.00 - £77.00Elmo icing cake£78.00 - £146.00BMW tyre icing£57.00 - £115.00number cake£80.00 - £220.00Frozen icing cake£108.00 - £165.00Dholki£90.00 - £145.00Vintage car icing cake£140.00Elephant baby shower £160.00 - £205.00Trolls£110.00 - £130.00Colourful lion icing cake£85.00 - £135.00Icing cake with flowers£95.00 - £125.00Drip icing cake£50.00 - £85.00Porsche car£65.00 - £100.00Butter cake £55.00 - £105.00Lion King£115.00 - £175.00Versace money bag£75.00 - £110.00Colourful bug icing cake£115.00 - £162.00Designer Handbag£80.00 - £95.00LoL Cake£85.00 - £135.00Fortnite£75.00 - £130.00Castle£120.00 - £180.00Minion icing cake£90.00Film strips icing cake£41.00 - £100.00Frozen icing cake£80.00 - £143.00Flag icing cake£44.00 - £88.00Thomas the tank engine icing cake£64.00 - £80.00Frozen icing cake£56.00 - £105.00Jungle icing cake£145.00 - £175.00Masha and the Bear icing cake£82.00 - £195.00Frozen Elsa icing cake£103.00 - £130.00Handbag icing cake£75.00Mickey mouse icing cake£150.00 - £170.00Handbag icing cake£80.00Graduation cap icing cake£83.00 - £138.00Vintage blossom icing cake£40.00 - £140.00Vintage rose icing cake£40.00 - £145.00Damask graduation icing cake£113.00 - £195.00Baby bum icing cake£35.00 - £107.00Lightning McQueen icing cake£65.00 - £90.00Baby bum icing cake£38.00 - £112.00Gucci giftbox cake£78.00 - £109.00My little pony icing cake£68.00 - £87.00Minnie ears icing cake£35.00 - £90.00Pokemon icing cake£105.00 - £176.00Mario icing cake£40.00 - £150.00Cruise ship icing cake£120.00Minion icing cake£148.00 - £200.00Patchwork pillow icing cake£118.00 - £175.00Bunting icing cake£90.00 - £180.00Rose icing cake£42.00 - £120.00Ben and Holly icing cake£77.00 - £119.00Buttercream Rainbow cake£75.00 - £135.00Thomas the tank engine cake display£220.00Photo icing cake£30.00 - £135.00Doll icing cake£60.00Minnie mouse icing cake£36.00 - £136.00Lorry icing cake£80.00 - £120.00Piano key icing cake£40.00 - £140.00Ninjago icing cake£88.00 - £179.00Football theme icing cake£260.00Mushu icing cake£45.00 - £110.00Bow icing cake£31.00 - £140.00Hairdresser icing cake£38.00 - £114.00Dhol icing cake£84.00Football theme icing cake£92.00 - £235.00Damask icing cake£98.00 - £190.00Owl icing cake£40.00 - £122.00Supercar icing cake£120.00 - £150.00Princess icing cake£103.00 - £130.00Superman logo icing cake£42.00 - £105.00Waybuloos icing cake£80.00 - £162.00Tiger icing cake£60.00 - £75.00Peeking baby icing cake£40.00 - £75.00Mehndi Cushion icing cake£65.00 - £165.00Cat icing cake£32.00 - £132.00Baby theme icing cake£74.00 - £189.00Make up icing cake£34.00 - £150.00Books icing cake£68.00 - £156.00Clownfish icing cake£55.00 - £140.00Baby blocks and bears icing cake£45.00 - £145.00Spongebob icing cakes£57.00 - £149.00Cigarillos icing cake£52.00 - £155.00Mickey teddy icing cake£63.00 - £98.00Minion icing cake£90.00Baby theme icing cake£45.00 - £135.00In the night garden icing cake£65.00 - £135.00Comic icing cake£35.00 - £160.00Baby booties cake£30.00 - £130.00Chanel logo icing cake£47.00 - £150.00Helmet icing cake£55.00 - £90.00Scarface theme icing cake£60.00 - £125.00Dinosaur icing cake£72.00 - £135.00Special agent OSO icing cake£49.00 - £115.00Lion Guard £100.00 - £155.00Louis Vuitton icing cake£170.00 - £215.00Mickey mouse clubhouse icing cake£52.00 - £140.00Minecraft£65.00 - £145.00Minnie Mouse icing cake£115.00 - £195.00Paw Patrol£82.00 - £140.00Pirate treasure hunt icing cake£70.00 - £145.00Princess - ruffle icing cake£110.00 - £140.00Sprinkles icing cake£75.00 - £195.00Superhero icing cake£88.00 - £180.00Transformers icing cake£70.00 - £105.00Weights icing cake£35.00 - £110.00Winnie the Pooh icing cake£70.00 - £100.00* prices may be slightly different depends on branch and choosen extras
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