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Doll Cakes

Our Princess Doll is available in a range of flavours filled and finished with a beautiful buttercream. You can choose the colour combination of her dress and you will receive the dolls accessories with your cake for plenty of fun well past your childs celebration. The message is hand piped and can be personalised to your wishes.D1£48.00 - £63.00D10£46.00 - £61.00D11£46.00 - £61.00D12£46.00 - £61.00D13£46.00 - £61.00D14£48.00 - £63.00D15£46.00 - £61.00D16£46.00 - £61.00D17£46.00 - £61.00D18£50.00 - £65.00D2£46.00 - £61.00D3£45.00 - £61.00D4£46.00 - £61.00D5£47.00 - £62.00D6£47.00 - £62.00D7£46.00 - £61.00D8£46.00 - £61.00D9£48.00 - £63.00T-FC36£69.00* prices may be slightly different depends on branch and choosen extras
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